b. 10 March 1895 Shelby Co., IA
m. 24 Aug 1920 Cedar Falls, IA
d. May 3, 1989 in California

Elementary School Teacher, minister's wife, seamstress

grad of Iowa State Teacher's College-Cedar Falls


b. 28 Nov 1893 Union County, IA
d. 26 Nov 1983 in California
Buried in Westminster, CA

Minister, teacher

Genealogy, singing, male quartette

Attended and taught at Central Holiness University then was pastor in churches.

Agnes and Floyd wedding photo

This photo did not appear in the original publication - digital image by Mike La Favre


from Rozelle La Favre Noulis

Agnes met Floyd at Central Holiness University, and graduated from Iowa State Teachers College at Cedar Falls, Iowa in 1920. She married Floyd a few days later on August 24, 1920. She was a homemaker, mother and minister's wife. During the latter part of World War II she began teaching in the Los Angeles City schools retiring from teaching at age 65. They then built a home in Tujunga, Calif., and lived there for 12 years. Agnes was a skilled seamstress and made many clothes for the children and herself. Agnes and Floyd traveled to Europe in 1971 as a gift for their 50th Wedding Anniversary from their children. At that time Floyd was very involved with the Huguenot Society and they attended an international convention in Paris and were entertained by several French families. Ethel spent part of that trip with them and they visited the Danish relatives in Denmark.

Floyd attended and taught at Central Holiness University (CHU). He accepted a pastorate of two churches near Ogden, IA and that was the first home (parsonage) Agnes and Floyd lived in after they were married. Rozelle was born there, then they moved to California when she was 18 months old. Howard was born in California. Another big move came for the family when Floyd accepted a Home Mission call to Montana (Harlem), a small town about 30 miles from the Canadian border. Ruth and Gerald were born in Havre, Montana, near Harlem. Still another move after seven years took the family to Dayton, Ohio, where Floyd attended Bonebrake Seminary for three years. We were a mobile family, so back to Montana, and then to California in 1938. This time Floyd and Agnes stayed in California but served several churches throughout Southern California until their retirement.

Floyd was very interested in his family genealogy and spent a considerable amount of time with it because he was reproducing a Civil War Diary that belonged to his grandfather. He always stayed active in teaching Sunday School, visitation, singing in a male quartette and other church activities until his death two days before his ninetieth birthday.


from Rozelle La Favre Noulis

When we, as children of Agnes, were growing up we spent most of our lives far away from homes of the rest of the family. Because of this, our family trips and vacations that took us to Iowa, So. Dakota and Nebraska were highlights. We remember, too, visits from some of the aunts, uncles, and cousins to our homes in Montana and in California. Magnus and his family came to Harlem, Montana and Magnus preached in several churches in the surrounding area. Esther visited Agnes and Floyd in California when Rozelle was a baby. So did Grandmother Christensen. She tried to get Rozelle into the ocean without success.

Howard remembers the fun the cousins (boys, mostly) had at the family reunion in 1935 racing the bicycles down the hill in front of Grandma and Grandpa Christensen's home in Nebraska. Some of our uncles took turns too, and the speed was called out at a certain spot in front of the house, so the competition was keen! Howard remembers a speed of 40 miles an hour—NOT BAD for those bicycles in 1935.

All the farm activities fascinated us but those of the threshing rings topped the rest. The endless amount of food, the constant cooking by the women and the excitement of the machines and what fun we had when we took lemonade, coffee, etc. out to the fields. But when they all sat down at the big long dining room table at Grandma's there was a ton of food. We talked of these experiences many times through the years.

We liked it when Grandpa played the game of Rook with us. Whenever he sat in front of the mirror, he held his cards up in a way that we could see his "hand". That greatly enhanced our chances of winning. Do you suppose he knew? We always wondered and laughed about it in later years.

Floyd kept a diary through the years. His entries were not daily and sometimes long periods elapsed between. This entry appeared Nov. 6, 1920; a couple of months after Agnes and Floyd were married:

"How the time has glided by! At last the parsonage looks like home. Besides getting furniture in place and other necessary work in moving, we have stained and varnished the floors over most of the house. Last Friday (yesterday) men from both churches met and put a coat of paint on the outside. We were delightfully surprised a week ago last night by Christensens driving in the "Chalmer". Mr. C. then surprised us all again by purchasing a beautiful piano for us. It is almost too good to be true. Surely God has been good to us."

Well, that piano has had quite a few travelling experiences. Iowa to Hollywood, then on the Harlem and Great Falls, Montana, back to California (4 different cities there) before going to Rozelle's home in Redondo Beach and Agoura Hills. Now it is in her daughter Nancy's home. We've enjoyed many happy times around that piano. Sometimes when we were taking piano lessons, we weren't too anxious to practice and would have loved being outside. Sometime soon Agnes' great grandchildren will be taking lessons on that same piano that was such a delightful surprise gift back in 1920, sixty seven years ago.

A note from Ethel (Shutts) Swain

In our family Agnes took over the sewing, especially for me.

Agnes- my Aunt by Rowenna Erbach

I came along a bit too late to remember Aunt Agnes in my earliest years, but Iola who was 4 years older used to talk about what a wonderful Aunt she was and how she related to the children. My first memory was when mother and we children made the long train trip to her wedding in Cedar Falls. I knew a wedding must be very important for everyone was giving it such priority in conversation and plans. I remember we children playing in the nearby golf links. Aunt Ethel had rabbits, and in general we enjoyed Aunt Ethel and the cousins. Then in the evening of the grand occasion trying to stay awake and finally falling asleep. I was quite perturbed in the morning when I had missed the whole thing and mother had not awakened me for it.

Aunt Agnes and Uncle Floyd lived far away from us, but I was very proud that he was a minister and thought Aunt Agnes a very pretty woman and a wonderful mother in the few times that we were able to share time with their family. It was a high point to me when she passed the 90 year mark in the Christensen family. It's too bad she isn't able to enjoy this 1987 celebration, but she has left many good memories for us.



b. Ogden, IA
m. 22 June 1944 Ottengeles City Schools
piano, travel, phrbein, Los Angeles Co., CA

Teacher, Los Aotography

Consultant for the Los Angeles Schools helping new teachers become oriented into their school environment.


b. 25 Dec 1911 Los Angeles, L. A. Co., CA
d. 15 May 1981 Agoura, L. A. Co., CA
Buried in No. Hollywood, CA (Vahalla Cemetery)
(Died after Heart Attack)

Hotel & Restaurant management, State Motor Vehicle Rep.

Travel, recording sounds and music

Rozelle and Zon were married in 1944 while Zon was in the Army. After he was discharged they set up housekeeping in California, and Zon was in hotel management and Rozelle in teaching. Later on Zon left the hotel business and became a California state employee with the Motor Vehicle Department where he remained until his retirement. Rozelle continued to teach until her retirement, in 1979. They took two 15 month sabbaticals during Rozelle's teaching career.

The first one in 1963-4 was mostly by ships (14 of them) around the world (no flying) and lots of different kinds of ground transportation. They took Nancy, their daughter with them. Five and a half months of this trip was in Europe, three months of which was spent using a Eurailpass.

The second sabbatical was in 1973-4. 9 1/2 months in South America, the rest in Greece, and American and Western Samoa. During this time, Zon pursued his hobby which had turned into a small business of recording sounds and music of cultures. Rozelle took the pictures, making it a team effort. Because of these interests, we had many unusual and interesting experiences in these places.

After Zon's death in 1981, Rozelle has kept busy with Nancy and Tom's family. They built a home in 1983-4, and are still very actively working on landscaping, improvements, etc. etc. Rozelle spends time in Arizona with friends when she can and still likes to travel as much as possible. The last two years she has worked as a teacher retiree consultant for the Los Angeles City Schools. So there is no time for boredom for this family!



b. Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CA
m. 16 Jan 1976 Agoura, L. A. Co., CA

Finishing projects-new home

Schooling- Licensed Vocational Nurse


Construction Management



b. Redwood City, CA


b. Westlake Village, CA



b. Hollywood, Los Angeles Co., CA
m. 29 Aug 1948

Retired High School teacher
travel, bowling

graduate of Whittier College, Whittier, CA
masters degree from California State Univ., L.A.

Was in U. S. Navy W. W. II


b. rural La Puente (now Hacienda Heights), Los Angeles Co., CA
born in grandmother's home

Elementary School teacher

graduate of California State Univ., L.A.


Our Family - Jeff La Favre

Our home was on a hill overlooking the San Gabriel Valley. I can remember the wonderful orange groves in the valley and avocado groves in the hills. Walking home from grade school, I passed through a grove, and I remember enjoying an occasional orange off a tree. By the time I entered high school, suburban development had swept away the rural character of the landscape. Today the area is a sea of houses known as Hacienda Heights.

The first house on Turnbull Canyon Road was a modest home; a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. An additional bedroom was added at some point, which was necessary for a family of six. I remember that the dining table was in the bedroom I shared with Alex.

My great grandmother, Stella, lived next door. I was very close to her and spent much of my time at her house. She was always handing out candy to the children and Mom thought it was excessive. They came to an agreement that candy would only be supplied on Friday. So this became an important day, and I remember that even some of the neighbor children came to her house on "Candy Day." She was a kind lady and loved children.

Stella had a small table which, I believe, originally belonged to my mother's father. It was really designed to store shoe shining materials and to serve as a seat while shining shoes. The upholstered top was hinged, with a shallow storage space underneath. Stella used it to store her jewelry and we called it the secret compartment. She must have thought this was a very clever place to store her valuables because the compartment was not evident from the exterior. However, I don't think her jewelry was valuable. I have the table today and it occupies a place of honor in our foyer.

During the sixth grade we studied the geography of South America. Each student was assigned a country and was told to prepare a report. I left the work to the last minute and then realized I could not possibly complete it on time. Stella saved me by helping with the report and it was handed in on time.

My great grandmother died in the summer of 1961, while I was away at summer camp. Mom broke the news to me on the way home, just as we started up our steep driveway. Then we both cried. She died 37 years ago but it is still clear in my mind, and as I write this, I feel a great sadness and loss. When the car stopped at our house, I jumped out and ran to Stella's house. I fell to the ground near the back door and wept. Her death was a profound loss for me.

Stella gave an acre of land to my parents so that they could build a new house. This land was just uphill from her house and our first house. The new home was completed in 1960 and had three bedrooms. The view of the valley was one of its charming attributes. The city lights at night were, and still are, a beautiful site. My parents still live there today.

I thought the new house was a marvel of modern convenience. The kitchen had a built-in oven and cook top. We even had a laundry room with a washer and drier! This was an improvement my mother must have appreciated, as I remember the washing machine with ringer on the back porch at the first house. Clothes were dried on a clothes line there.

Mom and Dad provided a wonderful home for us and we enjoyed living in the house on the hill. We found many things to do to occupy our leisure time. Around the corner on Turnbull Canyon there was a natural spring with lush growth surrounding it. The property was owned by my mother's parents at an earlier time but was sold to a doctor I believe. There was a small concrete dam across the stream which had formed a pond. I think my mother swam there as a child. But when we played there it was just filled with mud and we called it the "Swamp."

There was a small canyon in front of the house that was overgrown with wild blackberries, which we called "stickers", a reference to the thorns. The growth was thick and we made "caves" in it by cutting tunnels with clippers and a hoe. We had great fun in the "sticker caves" even though it was necessary to proceed with caution to avoid scratching your skin on the thorns.

Climbing trees was also a favorite activity. Our property was once part of an avocado grove owned by my mother's parents and grandparents. A root disease, Phytophthora cinamomi, had destroyed most of the trees at an earlier time. However, a few were left and we climbed them. There was a loquat tree at the first house. One day Alex spent the good part of an hour in the tree eating green loquats, which resulted in an upset stomach.

When we were older I remember rolling down the banks in front of the house in a trash can. I remember seeing stars once as the can dropped over the ledge of the lower bank. It is a wonder that someone did not get hurt but we thought it was fun.

There came a point in time when my parents decided that Val needed her own bedroom. At the time Vic and Val shared a bedroom, Alex and I shared one, and Mom and Dad had the master bedroom. Alex, Vic and I moved to the master bedroom and Mom and Dad moved to the smaller bedroom. Although it was crowded with three in one bedroom, I don't think we resented it. The change was probably harder for Val and I think she was a little lonely in a bedroom by herself. I wired a temporary extension speaker in her bedroom and connected it to my radio in the master bedroom. It was a way to share the music with her and perhaps it eased the feeling of isolation while it was installed. For me, the fun of the endeavor was in accomplishing the connection.

I can remember our first brand new car, a 1957 Ford station wagon. I seem to have the memory of this car in the showroom, rotating around on a turntable. While the car was sharp, it turned out to be a terrible lemon. I think it threw a rod when Dad and I were returning from a Dodgers baseball game on Father's Day in the late 50's. Then I remember another time when the car stalled going up a road in the San Bernadino Mountains. It just did not have the power to make it up the steep grade. Dad backed the car down and gave it another try, racing to get a good start on the hill. But alas, the Ford just could not make that hill. Dad had to take an alternate route to get to our campsite. He did not buy another new car until the 70's. I think the experience with the Ford turned him against the idea of purchasing new cars.

Dad had a custom Triumph motorcycle when we were young. It had many chromed parts and a light blue tear-drop gas tank. It was a beautiful machine and quite powerful. Sometimes he would give us rides on the motorcycle, which we all thought was great fun, even though it was frightening going into the curves! He used to do some hill climbing in the dirt with this motorcycle. I think he broke his leg one time doing this. Later, when I was in high school, we had two motorcycles for off-road riding. We had a blast with these in the desert.

Some of my fondest memories are of our vacations. Dad was a school teacher, which allowed long summer vacations (although he did work summer jobs some years). In the earlier years we went tent camping all over California. I remember that we had a great time swimming in rivers and streams. At Richardson's Grove State Park there was a high cliff next to the river and we had quite a time climbing it and jumping off. As I recall, Alex was the boldest in this activity, jumping from 15 or 20 feet above the water. I limited myself to about 10 feet.

After a while I think Mom got tired of the tent camping. I don't blame her because it was considerable work and it was difficult to keep things clean on a long trip. Then in 1965 (I think) we borrowed Papa and Bana's (Floyd and Agnes) travel trailer and traveled all over the western U.S. and Canada. Highlights of the trip were visits to Hover Dam; Zion, Bryce Canyon, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Glacier, Banff, Jasper and Mt. Rainier National Parks; Great Salt Lake; Three Forks Montana (headwaters of the Missouri River); Vancouver Island. We also traveled to Great Falls and Harlem in Montana, which was most memorable for me. In Great Falls and Harlem, Dad took us to see the schools he attended, the churches where Papa was pastor, and their homes.

After that vacation my parents were hooked on trailering and bought a trailer. They still have a trailer today. I think they have been through every state or just about, also much of Mexico and Canada. My only regret is that I missed many of the trailer vacations because I was in college then. However, I did mange to vacation with the family in Mexico and one trip to British Columbia during my college years. In later years we (my family) had the chance to share some nice vacations with Mom and Dad. Shortly after we were married, Adrienne and I vacationed with Mom and Dad in New England. One year we drove out from Chesterland, Ohio to meet them in Yellowstone National Park. We also had some nice vacations together while we were living in California (1987 to 1991).

Before my parents were married, I think Mom had finished one year at the University of California, Santa Barbara. When I was in high school she went back to college to finish her degree. I don't really know how she managed to do this, taking care of the four children and working toward a degree. About the time I started college, Mom had finished and started teaching.



b. Whittier, Los Angeles CO., CA
m. 5 Aug 1983 Chesterland, OH

soil microbiologist, educator
back packing, mountain climbing, astronomy, woodworking, bicycling, computer, photography

B.A. biology, California State Univ., L.A.
M.S., biology, California State Univ., L.A.
Ph.D., soil microbiology, Univ. of California, Riverside
Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America

Worked as a post doc and research associate at Cornell University after graduating with Ph.D. That is where he met Adrienne, who worked in the same lab. Their research was on the symbiosis between legume plants (soybean, etc.) and the bacteria named Rhizobium and Bradyrhizobium.

After Cornell they moved to central California, just south of Stockton. Jeff had a position with CelPril Industries, Manteca, CA, as a soil microbiologist. There he directed the research efforts of the microbiology department and supervised commercial production of bacterial inoculants. In 1991 they made a family decision to return to Chesterland, Ohio, where Adrienne's parents lived. Jeff was self-employed for several years, presenting programs on astronomy to school children. He also worked as a technology consultant for a local school district. In the summer of 1998 he accepted a position with John Carroll University, as Coordinator of the Language Learning Center (a facility with computers and other electronic equipment used to teach foreign languages).

b. Heidelberg, GERMANY

plant physiologist, environmental scientist

Attended La Sorbonne, Paris, France, for one year - course for foreigners in language, literature and history

B.A. in Russian language and area studies and French, University of Illinois
B.S. botany, Kent State Univ., Ohio
Ph.D. plant physiology, Kent State Univ., Ohio
speakes French, German, Hungarian and Russian

Has worked in several research laboratories in areas of plant physiology, food chemistry and environmental science. Works for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency since 1991.



b. Ithaca NY

has had 4-H projects with sheep (9 years) and turkeys (7 years)

played drums in high school band for 4 years

rowed on University of Chicago crew team for 4 years, was captain his senior year

B.A. in anthropology, University of Chicago, June 2007


b. French Camp, CA
(born on mother's birthday -- her mother says it was the best birthday present she ever had)

in 4-H for 10 years with sheep and turkey projects

played drums in high school band for 4 years, started playing harp in 5th grade

was principal harpist for Akron Youth Symphony for three years and was member of the percussion section of the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra for two years

entered the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, fall 2006, major is percussion performance



b. Whittier, Los Angeles Co., CA
m. 2 April 1977

Accountant, controller
snow skiing



Works for an employment agency








b. Covina, Los Angeles Co., CA

m. 17 May 1980 Whittier, Los Angeles Co., CA

Bilingual Teacher

Elementary teacher- bilingual Spanish/English













b. Covina, Los Angeles Co., CA
m. 31 March 1979


b. ?






b. Havre, MT
m. 9 July 1950 Highland, IN

Retired School Teacher
people, travel, cooking, aerobic dancing

Retired from teaching in 1981.

Weddings for all three children within a year of each other! New business and new winter residence (Scottsdale).


b. Whiting, Lake Co., IN

Education and Business
travel, sports, fishing

Sales and Management business.




b. Blue Island, IL
d. 8 Sept 1955


4. KIM MARIE HANSON see below


b. Blue Island, Cook Co., IL
m. 30 Aug 1986 Vero Beach, FL

Investment Banking

Degrees from St. Olaf College and Northwestern University


b. Vero Beach, FL

Executive with Insurance

Grad of Stetson University in FL
Works in executive position with General Reinsurance Corp.


b. Blue Island, Cook Co., IL
m. 30 May 1987 Evanston, IL


B. A. from Valparaiso University

Master in Business Administration from Keller School of Business Mgmt.
Owns own painting and contracting business.


b. Waukegan, IL

Social Worker

Grad of Valparaiso University


b. Blue Island, Cook Co., IL
m. 17 May 1986 St. Paul, MN

Self employed
art and creativity

Attended St. Olaf College

Traveled in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.


b. NY

Chiropractic Physician

Graduated from Washington University and Northwestern College of Chiropractic.



b. Havre, MT
m. 29 June 1952 La Puente, Los Angeles Co., CA

Truck Driver
jogs, backpacking, mtn climbing, photography

2 yrs in U. S. Army 14 mos in Korea
B. A. Biola Bible College (Bible major, Greek minor)

Earned degree while working and supporting a family of 4!
Bought home March of 1960
Drives truck (long distance) for Wholesale Grocery Co.

Runs 10K races with son Mark and shares photography interest with him. Takes trips to High Sierras every year with son Mark and nephew Jeff.

Active in Whittier Hills Baptist Church. Substitute teacher for the adult Sunday School class.


b. Boone, IA

Homemaker, volunteer
reading, music, choir, letter writing, collect records & cassettes

Gerald and I went together for 14 mos., were engaged for 14 mos. He returned home from Korea 5th of June '52, I graduated from H. S. 12th of June, and we were married the 29th of June '52.

Did P. T. A. and all the necessary volunteer work with raising a family of 4 sons. Sang in church choir most of life.

Has written 5,200 letters and cards in the past 10 yrs.

Enjoy travelling - 3 trips to Hawaii (another soon) spent last 3 vacations traveling in Western States- Love Montana & Yellows tone Park.



b. Lynwood, Los Angeles Co., CA

m. 27 Nov 1974 La Mirada, Los Angeles Co., CA

Auto Mechanic
carpentry, gardening, rebuilding cars

4 Yrs. in Marines

Grad of Los Angeles Trade School (Jr. College)

Is currently looking for an old Ford to rebuild. Chops all wood for heating their home, gardening etc


b. La Mirada, Los Angeles Co., CA

Upholsterer, Seamstress, Cook, Dietician
Gardening crafts

Loves gardening, plants, flowers.
Cans & freezes many of the things they grow.

Does all kinds of crafts, needlework, sewing. Makes many of the clothes for all 3 in family. Also does upholstering, recovers furniture and rebuilds it with Mike's help.
Prepares food for special diets in a hospital kitchen.



b. Mt Shasta, CA



b. Lynwood, Los Angeles Co., CA

Owns own business
baseball fan

Attended Fullerton Junior College
Owns business "Mr. Window Washer" works all over Los Angeles area.

Lived in Maui, Hawaii for 5 years.
He is grateful to the Lord for his life, and has bounced back from a critical, near fatal auto accident in 12/83.

Loves baseball and especially the L. A. Dodgers.


b. San Fernando, Los Angeles Co., CA
m. 21 June 1980 Whittier, Los Angeles Co., CA

Owns own business

snow skiing, back packing, mtn climbing, photography, distance runner, camping

Attended Cerritos (Norwalk City College)

Once a month takes daughter Amy ice skating and Amy and Joshua on overnight pack trips, and to Rose Parade every year.

Runs marathons.

Mountain climbs with Dad, his Cousin Jeff

Family attends Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton (Dr. Charles Swindoll's church).


b. Whittier, Los Angeles Co., CA


Music-piano, singing, sewing, stitchery

Attended Brethren College in Winona Lake, IN as music major.

Sews clothes for herself and the children. Enjoys handwork, stitchery, cross stitch, etc. making gifts for family.

Worked 2 yrs at American Saving & Loan (Accts. Payable) Office.



b. Bellflower, CA

Ice Skating


b. 15 Nov 1985 Whittier, CA



b. Lynwood, Los Angeles Co., CA

reading, music, computers

Served in U. S. Air Force
Attending Cerritos City College- computers and accounting