Table of Contents


This book is arranged around Andrew and Mary Christensen as they were the first generation to spend most of their life in the U. S. A.

So- Chapter 2 deals with people before Andrew and Mary, Chapter 3 is about Andrew and Mary's own family, and the rest of the book is arranged so that each of Andrew and Mary's 10 children has a chapter to bring their line up to today.


1. Outline of descendants of Andrew & Mary Christensen
Sample of page format used in Chapters 4-13

2. The Family before Andrew & Mary Christensen
Chart of ancestors
Ancestors before Mary information
Ancestors before Andrew information

3. Andrew and Mary Christensen's generation

The remaining chapters are Andrew & Mary's children and their descendants known to date of this publication (May, 1987)

4. Anna Christensen

(1st child of Andrew & Mary) descendants

5. Petra Christensen Schram (2nd child) descendants

6. Lydia Christensen (3rd child)

7. Raymond Christensen (4th child)

8. Esther Christensen Grow (5th child) descendants

9. Magnus Christensen (6th child) descendants

10. Agnes Christensen La Favre (7th child) descendants

11. Ezra Christensen (8th child) descendants

12. Harvey Christensen (9th child) descendants

13. Ethel Christensen (Shutts) Swain (l0th child) desc.


Some thoughts shared about Family

From Wayne Christensen

"He who cares nothing about his ancestors will rarely achieve anything worthy of being remembered by his descendants"

From Ken Christensen

Remember the days of old; consider the generations long past. Ask your father and he will tell you, your elders, and they will explain to you.

Deut 32:7

There are only 2 lasting bequests we can give our children - one is roots, the other, wings.

Source unknown


The more thoughtful a man is, and the more conscious of what is going on within himself, the more interest will he take in what he can know of his progenitors, to the remotest of generations.

George MacDonald